St Boniface High School (C.B.C) is an Independent School and is situated in the Galeshewe area, about 10 kilometers outside the City of Kimberley.  It is conducted by the Christian Brothers and has been educating young people in the Galeshewe area since 1951.  We have nearly 1 000 learners in the school, and there is always a very great demand from Parents to have their children enrolled in this school.

We have a very exciting and interesting history and our Past Pupils have distinguished themselves in the academic, business, educational, religious and political fields.  Some of our outstanding Past Pupils were: Yvonne Mokgoro (Judge in the Constitutional Court), Manne Dipico (Former Premier of Northern Cape), Kevin Nkoane and Tex Moraladi (Former Director of Education in the Province), A. Gaoabepe (Member of Parliament), Dr W Palweni( a Pediatrician) to mention a few.

Since the school’s foundation in 1951 we have had outstanding Matric results, often obtaining 100% pass and sometimes with over 160 pupils.  Most years we achieve a 98% pass rate.  We are one of the outstanding schools, not only in Kimberley, but in South Africa.  St Boniface was among the Top 100 schools for three successive years in the Sunday Times Competition, which existed for three years only.  Among 800 schools in 1992 we obtained the highest points in the Organizational Climate Survey conducted by Potchefstroom University.

Among our learners in the high school are many orphans, children who are heads of households, children of single mothers or unemployed Parents.  Many of our children live in shacks; have no running water and no electricity.  Yet, they are spotless when they arrive at school.  This is one of the great advantage of a Catholic school, especially

St Boniface – we can take the poorest and most uneducated and ill disciplined and, with the morality and instruction we offer, we can change them into proper and well-behaved young boys and girls.  It is true that we have problematic children, but the Staff works as a team to eradicate any unpleasant and bad behavior among the learners.  There is a large percentage of Parents who are unable to pay the full fees and they often take a chance in sending their children here because they want the best for their children. 

These are the children who are identified by us and we encourage them to apply to African Scholars Fund, The Dominican Sisters, The Christian Brothers and the School for financial assistance. 

These parents want good moral standards, safety, discipline and an excellent education.  We try and offer all of these and we are able to contribute higher standards than many former Model C schools can offer because of the Ethos, which are our guiding tool.

Many people, who are not connected with St Boniface, are full praises for our learners when they come in contact with them.  These people say that they are polite, well-mannered, disciplined, well dressed, educated and credit to the school.

Through the initiative of Mr Oupa Magashula, a past pupil of the school  Telkom Foundation donated 40 computers in 2005. Refreshments were served and each learner was provided  with a T-shirts.    

Lesedi FM radio from Bloemfontein visited St Boniface, after they were informed, by the department of education that our school is the best performing school amongst the Galeshewe schools (Frances Baard Region).  They wrote in the Log Book: “This is the best school that we have attended with the most disciplined and most good-mannered pupils.”