Physcial Address                          Postal Address

35B Corless Road                          PO Box, 615

Kimberley                                       Kimberley

8301                                              8300


 Director: Br Liam                            

Principal Volunteer: Ms Z. Herbenkerzen                        

Telephone: (053) 861 1496

Fax: (053) 861 4689

Telephone Number: 053) 861 5029


Thutong Ya Bana is situated on the parish property of St Boniface Catholic Church

It is a Christian outreach project whose main focus is directed towards young people who, for one reason or another, have dropped out of school. It offers a bridging education with a view of eventually reintegrating these young people into mainstream schooling or into vocational training programmes and where funds allow, supports these students, financially to make this transition.

It is financed by donations from various sources 

The staff of Thutong are all volunteers – young post matriculants- who give of their time and talents to help uplift the ‘youth at risk’ of their community

·         At present there is an average daily attendance of approx  90

·         Grades 1 to 8

·         Ages:    9 years  - 20years

·         All books etc are supplied free – no costs to learners

·         Shoes/clothing supplied if necessary

·         Class size: Aim to keep class below 15

·         Two volunteers per class

·         Home contact is maintained (at least one home visit per term)

·         Daily meal provided

·         Bread & Soup before class each morning in Winter  

·         It also offers programmes in collaboration with other agencies aimed at    areas affecting our youth at risk.

Thutong is also active in other outreach activities to youth at risk, including:

·         the feeding of street children each morning 

·         provision of showering facilities for them once a week. 

·         counseling of street children aimed at their reintegration into  family life

·         visitation of youth in the care of correctional services

·         accompanying youth at court in the absence of parent/guardian

Thutong works closely with the NCCRC , Gov. depts. and other bodies engaged with out-of- school youth

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