St Boniface High School aims to educate children in the Galeshewe community from Grades 7 to 12 by providing opportunities for growth in the spiritual, academic, social and physical aspects of their lives and to prepare them for a constructive adult life in the community. 

This is performed by instilling self-discipline and by creating a healthy, inter-relationship between parent, child and teacher.  This is voiced by Schein(1985b: 55) when he says that before a school forms its culture it must first formulate a mission from which the goals of the school will develop. 


      To draw out the God-given potential in everyone.

      To promote values and attitudes that encourage young people co-operate with each other and to work to the greater good in their communities.

      To help young people grow in the life of Christ.

      To help develop well-balanced personalities.

      To develop the whole person, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.


      Bringing God into lessons.

      Punctuality and good discipline.

      Dealing with disciplinary incidents with calmness, love and understanding.

      Respect of others and their property.

      Seeing each individual as God creation and having a purpose in life.

                             2010 ST BONIFACE HIGH SCHOOL KIMBERLEY